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EMILIA BURANO is a Venetian lace making company that translates the ART OF LIVING in the finest Linen and lace.

Emilia Burano is very much a “Family affair” that  started in the 1800's with great grandmother Emilia learning the intricate art of the lace making at her mother's knee, skills that have passed down four generations.

Today, still a Family Business owned factory, it does not confine its creativity to lace, but also produces fine bespoke home linen, furnishing the world’s most eminent residences, hotels, yachts and private jets.

“The most fine linen, silk, satin cotton and cashmere  designed in Venice and 100% Made in Italy”.
Emilia Burano has two Boutiques on Burano Island (in the Venice Lagoon) and one in Venice inside the Prestigious “Belmond Hotel Cipriani”.



"Manufacturers and Designers since 1800’s..."

The Family Museum
 Greatly admired and appreciated all over the world and in every age, portraits of nobles and European royalty such as Louis XIV and Elizabeth I wearing lace collars helped make Venetian lace a status symbol.
Venetian lace enjoyed a revival toward the end of the 1800s, when great grandmother Emilia learned the Art of Lace from her mother.
In our Flag ship store in Burano Island you are more then welcome to visit our Family Museum.
A collection of 16th-17th Century Burano Lace...Wedding dresses, Lace Fans , Collars, Gloves, Handkerchiefs...